A downloadable game for Windows

Lay down, relax, and enjoy Midnight Waves, an interactive music video app inspired by Lofi and Vaporwave aesthetics. Interact with the world to listen to the music you want. 

 Midnight Waves is more than just a game, it is an experience. It invites you to chill and just appreciate the visual and music flow. Just tap on objects to modify the environment and the music. 

 Do you want to listen to lofi music while doing something else ? No problem, you can transform the app into a radio by letting the “autoplay” change the music for you.  

Examples of use context : 

While working 

While studying

While jogging 

While commuting 

While you can’t sleeping 

While having a bad daying 

While having a breakdowning


Midnigth Waves PC version 213 MB

Also available on


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I actually ended up getting the app because of this. It's quite nice, and I love the visuals.